Writing keeps me sane. I’ll tell you what I mean.

About two months ago I visited Paris with my husband. For the most part it was wonderful.

My husband knows his way around Paris fairly well as he travels there for work a few times a year.  This was the first time I joined him.

After a three hour-or-so flight from Tel-Aviv we landed. As you leave the baggage claim area and enter the arrivals hall (which really isn’t a hall at all) there are lots of Israeli chappers (ch – pronounced like the ch in Johann Bach) – literally grabbers in Yiddish slang, ready to rip you off when you arrive at your destination. My dear husband decided to choose an especially dodgy looking one to drive us to our hotel.

I knew something was wrong when the guy started leading us to the underground parking lot. Positive the unshaven brute was luring us to his car in order to slit our throats, I wanted to slit my husband’s throat for agreeing to go with this guy. And if I couldn’t kill him at least I could scream at him in Hebrew because we soon found out that our chapper was not Israeli at all – his wife was, and he had left her at home. But of course being the self-effacing wife that I am, I didn’t want to disturb the pleasant conversation my husband was having with our potential murderer.

So what does a good wife do when she has the inclination to kill her husband? I don’t know. But I’ll tell you what I did. I whipped  out my pen and notebook and began writing frantically. I can’t remember what I wrote but it’s somewhere in my notebook. I could even find it if I tried because the notes in my notebook are dated. Maybe one day I’ll post the scribblings of that journey.

But back to my point. Writing keeps me sane. Keeping my pen and notebook with me at all times saves me from committing any heinous crimes. In fact going back and reading my notebook humbles me. It provides me with a means to voice my fears and the ability to look back and laugh at myself. The added bonus of course (clearly my sanity is not enough) is catching the fleeting thoughts which will one day make me famous.