Day 1 of NanoWriMo. I woke up all revved up to write. And then of course I realize that the fridge is empty and that really the first thing I better write is a shopping list. So I take care of the list and then of the shopping and then I realize that it’s my dear husband’s 40th birthday in 5 days and which I’ve already discussed with the kids and they in turn have given me a list of tasks to tackle. And since the supermarket is close to one of the places I need to pick up stuff from, shouldn’t I already get one thing off the list as well? Then of course I remember once again that it’s NaNoWriMo this month and that I’m going to be sitting a lot at my desk, so I better once and for all get myself that lamp, since it’s too damn dark at my desk at night and that’s definitely the reason I’m not as productive in the winter as I am in the summer. And then there’s that 6km run I need to get out of the way. Once I have the lamp I’ll be able to work at night, but I have such a hard kicking myself out of the house to run when the weather begins getting colder. Ok, did that too. 6km are out of the way. I forgot to turn the boiler on before going for a run. No hot water. I have 20 minutes until the kids get home and until the water warms up. How many words do I have to write again? 1,667. Each day. Write. I mean right. I’ve got to break them down into chunks I can swallow. Ok. I know exactly how I want the first twelve scenes of my story to be written. Say I do 278 words for the first six scenes. I should be able to handle that. Great. I have the first 196 words of the first scene – done. The kids are at the door. “Mummy you stink.” “I just finished my run, I’m going to shower.” Out of the shower. “Ok, who’s hungry? Who has homework?” “D, you have to finish all your homework before BA tonight.” I have to go pick up M. I come back with the two-year-old. “Asi, when are you coming home?” “Not early.” No way I’ll be able to make it to Ilene’s workshop tonight. Two kids are in pajamas and one kid is at BA. Asi finally comes home. “Asi, I have to go get the new lamp assembled” – I’m more technically challenged than the man at the store assumed I would be – despite my warning and my explicit request for him to assemble the lamp when I bought it. Lamp fixed, assembled that is, and I even found a light bulb. One kid sleeping, one kid watching Freddy Mercury in Wembley stadium with her father and one kid watching his last YouTube video before going to sleep. Right. One kid sleeping, one kid in bed and one kid having a meltdown. It’s 9:46pm. I still haven’t really begun working on my NaNoWriMo challenge for today. But now I did finish my blog post for today and now, after I’ve beamed it up to cyberspace I can say that my NaNoWriMo challenge for today has a happy ending. 1,730 words. Can’t wait for tomorrow.