I’m through most of the month. I’m dying.

At this point I’m not so sure of myself. I might not hit that 50,000 mark.

It’s the end of day 22 and it feels like it doesn’t matter anymore. I know it does. I know I have to keep pushing.

I’m trying to remember last week. Actually I’m trying to duplicate last week. It was my best week yet. I’ll tell you why.

Do you remember that movie “What About Bob” starring Bill Murray?

If you do, you sure remember the key words in that film, “baby steps.”

Funny, I was just a kid when I saw it but I somehow remember that so well (my brain doesn’t seem to remember more famous lines of more significant films but somehow I remember “baby steps”).

So last week. That’s just what I did. I set the most insignificant word goals for myself. 50 words writing a dialogue here, another 50 words doing description and yet another writing in alliteration. Using this method I was somehow able to do a crazy amount of quality writing.

I admit, it wasn’t all great. But a lot. Creativity inspired creativity. I couldn’t believe it.

I set super realistic goals, I gave myself writing prompts and I somehow managed to keep my writing fresh. Ok, fine, I admit not every word. But still. Enough that I dared look at myself in the mirror.

My biggest set back this entire month has been Friday. Shabbat comes in early and I just can’t manage to get the writing in. So I try to compensate with Saturday night when Shabbat is over. But then last Saturday night completely threw me off. I had to go to some party where perfectly nice people (for the most part) made complete asses of themselves. And this is what I did instead of writing.

So now, I’m way behind, not just behind. Approximately five days behind. And I somehow have to catch up. In seven days. (I didn’t miscount – I never manage to write on Fridays).

I’m going to have to give it all I’ve got. I just hope it’s enough.