For a long time now, it has not been possible to possess all knowledge.

The current information highway on which we travel and which has no speed limit has the potential of offering us a tremendous amount of knowledge.

Of course, not all information is knowledge and not all knowledge information.

But one form of knowledge is information and that happens when a certain type of information becomes your personal possession.

In today’s day and age we cannot afford to stop learning. Just think of what would happen to a car that abruptly stops on a main highway.

To me that means that one of the most important skills one could possess is adaptability. The ability to learn and to keep up.

One way to do this is to set aside at least one task a week in which you leave your comfort zone and learn something new.You never know when it will come in handy.

This past week I managed to leave my comfort zone and learn that:

1.  People are not as scary as I originally thought. In fact they’re really fun and not all that different from myself. Connecting on an emotional level is its own reward. As are new friends.

2. Don’t be scared to try new things and don’t be scared to ask people who understand more than you. People love connecting with other people. Just always remember to say thank you.

3. It’s easier to decide what’s worth learning if you have a goal in mind. Choose a goal personal or otherwise and watch yourself fulfill it. There are not many things in life as rewarding as building yourself up.

So learn and keep up. Be fluid. Adaptable. And don’t let setbacks hold you back. The world is yours to conquer if you can keep up.