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InspHERation: Yiska Oppenheim – Marketing Strategist & Director of Emunah’s Business Club

What makes a hard-core religious kibbutznik leave the kibbutz to become the director of an all-women religious business club?

Yiska Oppenheim, left the kibbutz way of life to become a successful marketing strategist. She is behind the popular Israeli Facebook group Datiot Iskiot Medabrot [Religious Businesswomen Speak Out] and the director of Emunah Jerusalem’s Business Club. I met up with her to discuss her journey from kibbutz life to city life and the impact she’s having on religious female business owners.

The Kibbutz  –  a source of tension and growth

Yiska is second-generation kibbutz born. Her four grandparents made aliyah to the kibbutz from Italy.

But for Yiska, kibbutz life was complex.

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Should We Stop Trying to Empower Women With “Cutesy” Titles?

Do cute titles like “SHE-EO” and momtrepreneur do more harm than good?

I recently read a thoughtful article on Fast Company about “cutesy titles” like She-EO, girlboss and girlpower that harm women more than they empower them.

I think the article is an important one because as women, it’s vital that we’re aware of the language we use. And not just for ourselves, but for our society and perhaps especially for our kids.

The article has certainly made me more aware of the existence of a disempowering language that many of us use. But it also calls into question when it is okay to use titles that we as women feel empowered by.

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10 Favourite Equal Pay Day 2017 Tweets

Yesterday was Equal Pay Day 2017 in America. I say America, because the date of Equal Pay Day changes each year because it is based on how far into the year women have to work in order to earn what men earned the previous year.

In America, women earn 80 cents for every dollar a man earns; in Israel women earn 67 agurot for every shekel a man earns. In fact, Israel’s wage gap is one of the widest in the world, among developed countries.

If things continue to change at the rate at which they are changing now, it will take 44 years to close the wage gap in America, and 80 years to close the gap in Israel.

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The Behr Necessities Monthly Roundup: March 2017

Video – Reshma Saujani

Who needs to watch it?

Every mother, father and educator.

What I loved about this video:

  1.  An inspiring and powerful talk. Reshma Saujani is doing such important work as the founder of Girls Who Code, not only preaching, but doing and helping girls everywhere be brave.
  2. I love her line on leveraging imperfection.
  3. This talk is so poignant. We condition are boys and girls differently. Our girls are paying our price and so is society. But there is hope.  

Book – How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Who needs to read it?


Believe it or not, I read this book when I was ten years old. I think my mother bought it for me, because I didn’t have any friends. 

What I loved about this book:

  1. I loved re-visiting it. It’s an easy read. Lots of interesting vignettes.
  2. Each chapter focuses on a different principle, so it’s very easy to come back to for a refresh.
  3. While it seems like the principles are easy to apply and pretty much a no-brainer, I find it a challenge. However, the book is written in such a simple and unassuming tone, it makes you feel like anybody can apply these principles and if you’re having trouble, it just means you need to keep on persisting.

Podcast – Being Boss

Who needs to listen?

Creative entrepreneurs.

Instead of sharing new episodes, I’ll share with you the one episode I keep coming back to, but which I haven’t tried yet. It’s Episode 79 and it’s all about the chalkboard method. And since we’re about to start Q2, it’s a good time to share it, and a good time to get working on mine.

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Feeling Depressed About Finding A Job? Here Are 5 Tips to Help You Get Out of Your Rut

fundamental lack of confidence

In her important article about the gender confidence gap, Margie Warrell has pointed out, that whether women are in New York, Australia or anywhere else in the world, women wrestle with self-confidence and it’s holding them back.

If at the outset strong, smart women lack self-confidence, it’s seems only logical that when they search for a job, they’’ll be even less self-confident. In more extreme cases, this lack of confidence can lead women to feel depressed and suck them in a downward spiral.  

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