So you heard about Pinterest. But you’re not sure why you need it. If you’re a writer it’s a must-use and I’ll tell you why.

Firstly I’ll start by telling you that Robert Lee Brewer wrote an excellent post on The 8 Jobs of Modern Writers. As a writer you already know that though the most essential part of writing is writing but you also know that in addition to writing you also have to promote your writing and all those other things Robert – not Bob – mentions in his post. And then there’s also a full or part-time job and there’s kids and the shopping and the cleaning and walking the dog. And there are only 24 hours in a day but really only 18 because you have to sleep at least 6 of those.

But back to Pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual corkboard on which you can pin digital images (and videos) and share them with the world. It’s a social networking tool that’s super fun and must-use tool if you’re a writer.

This is why:

1. To Spark Ideas

Pinterest prompts your writing. It provides you with a multitude of visual prompts. I suggest starting with an idea and searching for it. Then pick a number and count that number of pins to determine which pin you’ll use. Now spend ten minutes writing about it.

The way in which you can use Pinterest to spark your ideas is endless. From helping you figure out what your characters look like to figuring out what’s in their fridge. Pinterest can set off an explosion of ideas for any writing project.

2. To Show Off Your Copywriting Skills

To sharpen your copywriting skills (one one the 8 jobs of a modern writer- see above). When you pin a picture to any one of your boards you must write a few words (at least) to describe your pin. Pinterest provides the writer with the wonderful opportunity of getting her/his copywriting skills noticed by the global community.

3. To Improve Your Writing Platform

Pinterest is an excellent way to get noticed. When you edit your profile you can list the address of your site or blog. You can connect your profile to Twitter and/or Facebook and open your pinterest corkboards to search engines. You can also RSS feed to a user’s specific pinboard.

When using Pinterest it’s vital to set yourself a time limit to browse. Pinterest is super fun but it’s also addictive. Remember Pinterest is a tool. A powerful tool that will help take your writing projects to new heights if you use it wisely. But keep in mind that you always have more work than hours in which to get it done.