There is only one rule for writers:

Respect your readers

Everything else is technique.

I may over simplifying, but the point is the importance of thinking about your readers.

Bloggers are writers. So the same rule applies to them.

One way is through consistency. So if you tell your readers you’re going to write weekly – Tuesday let’s say – you have to stick to it. Because if you tell your readers you’re going to post once a week and then don’t, well then you’re in trouble.

I learned this the hard way.

I seemed to not understand that blogging is really no different than television programming. People watching TV know that every week their show is on at a certain hour. If people can’t count on their show being on when they think it’s on, they’ll simply find a new show. Blogging is no different. So if you say you’re going to blog on a certain day. Do it. If for no other reason than because you respect your readers, your followers, your fans.

So here’s me. I haven’t written in the past few weeks. Why? Because I was scouring away, busy removing any unleavened bread from every corner of my home – including ceilings and toilets; my kids have been off school for two and a half weeks and I simply have not been able to get to the computer.

These might have been legitimate excuses. Except that I knew all in advance. Pessach did not show up unannounced and neither did my kids’ vacation. My error lay in setting an unrealistic goal – and this is where I hope you’ll learn something from my mistake.

What I should have done was let my readers know that I would not be able to write and why. I should have also told them when they would be able to catch my writing again. In the event that I was able to write, I should have either written the post and published or better yet set the feature to publish the post the day I let my readers know I would be posting again.

Now I’m smarter. Because I realize that not setting realistic goals can more often hurt you than not.  Be realistic and if you err, and you most likely will, push yourself forward, onwards and upwards. Nobody will do it for you.

To you, my readers, I’m sorry for letting you down but thank you for believing in me and continuing to stick around!