Sick Writing is what I call my writing when all or at least most of my family members are sick.

Well, not to gross you out or anything but really the only thing I can possibly think about is the green snot and yellow diarrhea and the conversations that continue to reverberate in my head not so long after two thirds of my children are asleep. “But mummy I can’t go to sleep my stomach hurts…I can’t go to sleep I’m itchy..E, I think you have an allergic reaction let’s find the calamine lotion…ok now go to sleep….but mummy you forgot behind my ear and on the back of my neck…please just go to sleep….but mummy….mummy can I colour now?”


One day I’m going to miss these days. Maybe not this particular one, but you know what I mean – the age when kids are still sweet and thoughtful, needy because their still kids who need their parents – but sweet and delicious. Kids that give sticky kisses and squishy hugs.

And this is Sick Writing because when my kids are fine and healthy and annoying as kids tend to be you, or at least I, forget to say thank you.

So Hashem thank you. Thank you for my wonderful husband, for my really great kids and  of course for my Sick Writing.