About a week ago 012 had a problem with their infrastructure which affected the phone lines and internet of thousands. When I called 012 the day of the problem in order to find out why my phone and internet wasn’t working, they explained the infrastructure problem and told me it would take most of the day to repair. I proceeded to ask how they intended to reimburse me for a day with no landline or internet. “You’ll have to speak to customer service” the 012 representative replied. “Surely you must have a policy if this is the problem of thousands” I pressed. “I’m sorry you’ll have to speak with customer service” the representative repeated.

A day or two later I called 012. I spoke to customer service. I was very happy to learn that instead of reimbursing me with a few shekels they would be charging me 10NIS for the month instead of the 30NIS I usually pay.

Of course it makes sense for a company to have a policy in such cases. It would probably cost them less money if they did.  But perhaps not having such a policy plays into the hands of the consumer. If of course the consumer is wise and is not afraid to ask.