Sparkle because you can or sparkle because you must.

But sparkle.

Because somehow we’re all here for a reason.

And you’re here to sparkle. Because that’s what stars do.

It’s not going to come easy. It takes a hell of a lot of energy to dazzle in the night.

But you know that already. Because you know what it’s like when you’re dying to sleep.

And an idea hits you over the head with a frying pan.

Except that now you’re too dizzy to pick yourself up. Your pen and your notebook are too far away. Maybe they’re in outer space.

But you know the idea won’t stick around. It will search for someone who appreciates it more.

But you’re a star. So you’ll learn from your mistake.

And the next time an idea harasses you, you’ll surprise it and share a glass of orange juice with it.

You’ll invite it to come again, at a more convenient time even though you know it won’t listen.

Because ideas have disciplinary issues.

But you’re a star. So ideas don’t daunt you. And you’ll wrestle with it until the morning.

Until it demands to know your name and your secret powers.

And you will reveal that you are a star. And that you sparkle. In the day and in the night.

And you will finally realize the reason ideas are so attracted to you.