I suspect that most women don’t believe in themselves enough.

I suspect that most women struggle to succeed. (However they define success.)

I suspect that there are plenty who will prey on these vulnerabilities.

Even women.

Yesterday, I came across a blog post in which the author explained why she would not be taking part in a certain course geared at helping women getting their business off the ground.

It seemed that the blogger would have liked to be a part of it, but $2000 was just too steep for her.

And then her wonderful conclusion “I don’t need this or any program to be successful.”

I’m sure this blogger was very surprised by the outpouring of comments on this post.

Posted in 2011, it continues to receive comments even now, in 2014.

Many by women who took the course and felt it was a colossal waste of both time and money; many by women who were thankful for the honest review of the program and who just felt they were saved great monetary loss.

I know nothing about the program. But I do know this.

Unless you’re studying in university, no program is worth $2000.

With so much information out there today, you can practically design your own course and your own syllabus and learn much more than a $2000 course can teach you.

But. And this is big.

You will get nowhere if you don’t believe in yourself.

I know. It sounds cliché.

But we must become legends in our own mind, believing we can achieve anything we set our minds to. Even when our attempts leave us flat on our faces.

Success means getting up and staying up one more time than falling.

But it order to get up, you have to believe that you can, and that hard work and a plan will help you arrive safely at your destination.