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Survival of the Fittest – Choose Well

Hey you. Ya you. Stop urinating on me.You’re in a garden not a washroom. Clearly I’m not as desperate for moisture as you think I am.

If you were a plant what type would you be? Would you be a big thick generous tree or would you be a silent thorny rose? Would you stand tall in a forest of trees, all who look just like you or would you be that exotic plant that has not yet been clearly identified.

Try it.

Picture yourself in a private garden or perhaps a public one. In a rainforest or in the arctic tundra. As a plant. Not as yourself. What would you choose? If you want to learn about yourself or if you want an interesting writing prompt this is it. Dig deep down. Get into the mindset of needing soil and moisture. Perhaps even love. Maybe love especially.

Try to grasp how beautiful you are and the pleasure others derive from your beauty. Perhaps then you may understand. As breathtaking as you are it’s not about you. It’s about them. Yes you are significant. Extremely significant. But only in as much as you contribute to the significance of others.

Don’t get all sentimental on me now. Just stop thinking that the trees in the forest have the ability to see you and that they’re looking at you. Grow because you must. Because there is no other choice. Grow because the more you do the more oxygen you will provide.  For heavens sake stop taking yourself so seriously that you, that flower, shrub or whatever will now sink to the depths of delicacy and despair.

I concede. It’s about you. But it’s not exclusively about you. Have the ability to see, understand and emulate symbiotic relationships. Forests are full of them. Rejoice in growth. Yours and others. Inspire and encourage. And if you don’t think that looking at a plant can inspire all that, then well you don’t get out enough.

If you did you wouldn’t urinate on me. Now would you?



  1. This is fantastic, Liat! I have so many ideas running through my head now – thank you! Get back in my life lady! x

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