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Pricing: How Copywriters Can Get It Right

Pricing is a tricky beast.

In the almost five years that I’ve been a freelance copywriter, I’ve learned a heck of a lot about pricing.

Mostly because I spent the first year getting it all wrong.

Over the past few weeks I’ve spoken to a few people about pricing. A couple of them asked me if I can put together a post about about the subject and it is to them that I dedicate this post.

This morning, I came across an excellent LinkedIn update about pricing which I’m going to elaborate on.


Starting out as a freelance copywriter, I could only send specs (ads copywriters make up when they don’t yet have any real samples). Nobody knew my work. Nobody could refer work to me. I was on my own. read more

The 7 Best Posts Of This Past Week

working with computer

It’s been a tough week, the kids started school, my workload isn’t getting lighter  (no complaints!), and I’m obsessed with getting my book writing done.

And while I’ve had less time to play, less time to sleep and less time to devote to my sanity, I’ve haven’t given myself a break on keeping up with my favorite blogs.

Here’s a list of my favorite posts from this past week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. 


The Difference between Copywriting and Fiction Writing

I don’t want to waste your time. Here’s what you came for:

In the field of copywriting, emotions lead or should lead to action. The copywriter works diligently to produce a creative message that resonates within the reader and prompts him to do something. By drawing out feelings of wishing, motivating or desiring, the copywriter who has done his job well will prompt his reader to like a page on Facebook, enter a sweepstakes or make a purchase.

When writing fiction, the talented writer, considerate of his readers, also aims to cause his readers to feel. But he uses different devices than that of the copywriter. Our senses are not a tool. Instead they are the wet cement upon which the writer leaves his impression. Using the actions of his characters, the writer crafts his story in order to extract our emotions. read more