What are the secrets of the world’s most powerful women?
Women control spending in most categories. But what types of products do they really want?
Until 1984 there were more women in tech than men. What made things change?
These are the subjects presented in July 2017’s monthly roundup.

As women, we face different challenges than men. Those challenges come into focus in every aspect of our lives. Sometimes it’s unclear whether challenges arise because of sexism or simply a male culture where nobody stopped to think about their mother, wife, sister or daughter. Marketing to women is important. So is inspiring them.  This monthly roundup focuses on both inspiring women and the importance of marketing to them.

Video –  Secrets of The World’s Most Powerful Women

You can’t be whole if you’re trying to be perfect. -Jane Fonda

Why You Should Watch It 

This curated video of tips on success from the world’s more powerful women outlines the fact that successful women face the same challenges as the rest of us. Success comes with cutting ourselves some slack, knowing who we are, what we want and accepting our limitations. Watch it because it’s inspiring to hear these important messages come out of the mouths of the world’s most powerful women, from Arianna Huffington to Sheryl Sandberg. read more