It is a truth universally acknowledged that life is a process. The world is abound with opportunity, knowledge is everywhere together with  beauty and sophistication. We are the masters of that which we decide to delve into. But herein lies the rub.

We are here for but a limited time.

And that is why we must not only dream, but do; we must spin thoughts into actions. If thoughts are straw and gold are actions, straw can be spun into gold.

But what gold is it that we seek?

What are the actions that will create a meaningful existence?

And here is the importance of being focused.

We must focus to know who we are; to truly understand ourselves.

We must understand ourselves to understand what is important to us.

And we must understand what is important to us so that we may set goals and pursue them.

Meaningful actions are not in fact hard to create when we know what they are.

But risking focus means risking meaningful actions.

While this may be ok for those looking just to taste the different flavours of what life has to offer, those looking to achieve something truly significant – at least for themselves – will have to set their goals and take the steps necessary to reach them. And for this, one must focus.

If you haven’t yet set your goal, or haven’t figured it out yet, think about what you like. What you enjoy spending time doing is always a good place to start. It will keep you driven and focused.