The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah begins tomorrow evening at nightfall.

It marks the birthday of mankind.  No joke.

According to the Jewish tradition, the first day of the New Year, Aleph Tishrei, falls every year on what was the 6th day of creation which is the day on which both Adam and Eve were created.

For the Jews this means it is a time for introspection. It is a time we look into ourselves to search for the better person, for the better life we aspire to live and for the better world we hope to live in.

Writing on a daily basis I find, compels me to look into myself. But for the purpose of discovering my world or my characters’ worlds’. It consists of a re-affirmation of my writing abilities and then venturing into the unknown. As I imagine and re-imagine my character’s potentials, I realize that the gift of creating was also given to w0/mankind.

May this Rosh HaShanah bring with it the desire and ability to discover ourselves and worlds within ourselves with no inhibitions. May we not allow ourselves to be thrown into depression or be offended by words that shouldn’t matter. May we build physically and spiritually both on a personal universal level.  And may we learn. To treat each other with the respect that we each demand.

May it be a sweet year. For all of mankind.