I’ll let you in on some details.

My characters are stuck in the middle of a delta and they think they they know enough to save themselves as they have recently been quite successful in their quest. But boy are they in for a surprise.

The truth is, I haven’t worked on my story in months. A bad thing. But not all bad because it’s been simmering in my mind even without me actually getting on with the story. I’ve figured out a few key ideas during these months, one of which is how to start off my story.

But now it’s finally time to buckle down and so this is what I’ve done after months of not taking the writing highway.

I’ve already written down everything in the first half of the story that needs to be changed. Though I can go back and re-write I’m not going to. I’m going to keep my notes and keep on with my story. My goal is to finish my first draft within the next two to three months.  A morale booster.

The next chapter has been simmering on a low flame for quite a few months and I am pleased to say that I actually know what happens in the next chapter, that it is another turning point for my characters and that it ends with a cliff hanger. Now all that’s left is to make sure and go back that the chapter works within the sequence of chapters. And of course write it.

So hopefully today will be a good writing day.