A couple of weeks ago a wonderful writer, writing workshop facilitator and newly published novelist Ilene Prusher set me up with two aspiring children’s authors.

I found LK and EW to be highly creative and gifted individuals. I lucked out. I had a hunch the first time I met them that they were such, but now I’m positive. This past week we sat at a table – which we hope will become “our usual” and delved into what has now become our collective writing world.

We’re symbiotically connected. Words seem to elude me as I unsuccessfully try to describe the magic ambiance that filled our writing space. I can’t explain what enchanting force inspired us to instantly connect with each other and with each other’s writing. It was clear from the first moment that we genuinely care about each other’s work.

Sharing your writing can feel like dignity lost if it’s done in the wrong crowd. There was none of that here. Our group is a sensitive understanding one. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to critique it just means that we’re able to inspire at the same time.

I don’t know what I’ve done right to have been hooked up with such special individuals but I do know that they inspire me both on and off the page.