The result of a class action claim against the importers to Israel of Crocs has finally ended. The result, less impressive than the class action, means for consumers (who have previously bought a pair of Crocs) a reduction of 25NIS on their next purchase of Crocs.
Did you ever notice how Crocs cost the same amount at every store? Did you ever wonder how it was possible?
Well, the sad truth is, it’s not.
The importers of Crocs threatened not to supply the shoes to distributors who sell them at less than their dictated prices. The result, a cartel, illegal according to consumer protection laws in Israel.
Despite the opposition of the Attorney General to the settlement agreement, the agreement was approved in the district court of Jerusalem last week.
So now, those with a pair of old Crocs in their hand, can go into a shop that sells Crocs and get a voucher for 25NIS on their next purchase.
Truthfully it doesn’t really seem like justice has been done since, on average, consumers lost about 65NIS on a purchase of Crocs because of fixed prices.
So you get to decide what’s best.
Will you throw out your old pair promising yourself you’ll never buy another in Israel again? Or will you round up all old pairs and take them in to get those vouchers, handing the additional ones out to friends who you know are interested in getting another pair?