I’m having a writing crisis.

Every single draft of my third chapter is missing the mark.

I know the destination, but the journey is just wrong.

Some parts of it aren’t supposed to happen yet. Some places should not yet be discovered.

That’s the easy part.

But what am I supposed to write instead? What should come instead of what is not supposed to come now?

I’m stuck in the quagmire of a world that only exists in my mind and my characters have grabbed me by the throat and refuse to let me go, lest I kill them off.

So what should I do? Resort to an outline? Should I stoop so low, really?

Stoop low? Seriously.  Joseph Heller is stooping low – take a look at his outline for Catch 22.

I have a lot to learn.

I supposed the choice isn’t a bad one – I could choose to be like Joseph Heller or I could choose to be like Margaret Atwood. In her opinion, make sure to jot down notes and ideas and “if you stay that way long enough you’ll get a plot.”

There’s positive thinking for you. But no, I’m not like Joseph Heller or Margaret Atwood.

I’m a struggling writer attempting to write her first novel.

And though it would be easier to quit, I refuse. I’m going to run this race until the end and I’m going to find a way over this hurdle.

So if I can’t go under the bridge, I’ll go over it. And if I can’t go through the door and all other windows are locked, I’ll still find my way in through the attic window.

I just hope my characters will follow.