I recently read somewhere on the internet that it’s better for a blogger to not to post than to post a not-so-great post. I wish I could remember where I read it because it was a worthy post though I don’t agree with the opinion offered.

In my humble opinion, all blog posts are not created equal. Bloggers are people. Yes we strive for perfection. We like when you read our material. We love when you return to read our material. And we’re ecstatic when you care enough to comment on our posts. But some days are off days. Any writer or athlete can tell you. Some days, no matter how much effort you put in, it somehow just isn’t reflected in the results.

As a blogger, when that happens, you have two choices. You can either publish something not so great or you can skip the day and hope tomorrow will be better. I say go for the former because I think you stand to lose a lot more by not publishing.

1. Confidence. If you’re a perfectionist or even if your not. You may lose heart. Don’t lose a day on putting yourself out there because you’re worried you’ll never write a post as brilliant as that last one. If you’re a writer write. And publish. Writing is about the process just as much as it is about the final result. Dare to build your confidence using your blog.

2. You’ll have missed a day that you can never make up. It’ll always be at least a day late if you don’t publish. However, if you publish, you can view it the next day and amend. There might be a worthy seed hiding in what you think is not a very good post.. If you find it you can turn that failure into a success.

3. Your faithful readers are waiting for that post. Don’t let them down. Your blog is the way you show yourself to your faithfuls. They, who have come to know you rather see you than not. Show them you care about them.

That’s my take. Write your heart away. You’re not always going to write that perfect post. But at least your writing and at the end of the day that’s what writers do and what’s going to make you a better writer.