I have some aspirations. Some are higher on the list than others. Some are important, they define who I am what I want to be and others are well…a bit (understatement) more superficial. Most importantly some I will set out to accomplish and some will either just happen or they won’t and it won’t matter.

One of my core aspirations, the one that inspires my entire being is the will to become a writer who can support herself (and her family) living on the published word. So to further my chances of this actually occurring I am currently writing this blog and in the midst of working on children’s book (I probably have mentioned that before).

But another aspiration I have is to actually put out quality work (clearly I don’t believe that just because writing is published it is good). So to that end I both read and write everyday. Reading and writing are both extremely important in helping me fulfill my aspiration of becoming a high quality writer.

I have a quota a day for each (reading and writing that is). But I’m finding the reading very difficult to keep up with. So hard in fact that some days I haven’t gotten my writing done in an effort to get the reading quota for the day out of the way. It is here that I see before me, a picture in slow motion of a pen and a book sailing through the air and headed towards each other. Neither can survive if they collide. Or perhaps they can, but both will be damaged in some way.

This is not what I want. I want to be able to read. I want to be able to write. And I want neither to get in the way of the other.

So this is when I need to become that mature adult that says – either you’re doing other things that are less important and eating your time (an Angry Birds marathon for instance) or otherwise you haven’t prioritized your priorities.

So I think my reading goal is unrealistic. There are x amount of books that I want to get through the year which means I need to read y amt of pages. And from where I’m standing right now, it ain’t going to happen.

And now I see my self getting in between that book and pen and at just the right second, an instantaneous millisecond of a millisecond I grab the book in one hand and the pen in another and walk off to do whatever, as if I didn’t just save the most important parts of my worlds from destroying each other.

So this is it. I think one just needs to get in the middle of it all. Catch the best of the world. Perhaps take it slower or perhaps not. But definitely do what needs to be done so that priorities don’t collide. You’ll be one step closer to fulfilling that aspiration. Your dream.