It may seem obvious that writers write.

But why?

If you’re a writer you know why you write. If you can’t figure out if you’re a writer maybe your looking for reasons. Trying to figure it out because the writing thing doesn’t always make sense.

I’ll try to help you out. You can tell me what you think.

10. Because I am a writer and that’s what writer’s do.

9. Because I’m bored if I don’t.

8. Because my brain is full of ideas and I just have to get them down else I’ll forget.

7. Because I’m being ignored and I have a scene in my head in which I can take revenge.

6. Because that man over there looks like my antagonist except with a few added quirks I hadn’t noticed.

5. Because I left my characters in the Pit of Private Suffering and I have to get them out before they destroy themselves.

5. Because how else am I going to finish my novel?

4. Because some ideas are like woodpeckers and they won’t stop pecking my head until I get them down on paper.

3. I want to understand an experience. From my criminal neighbor’s perspective.

2. I write because I am.

1. I write because writing defines me just as much as I define writing.

Why do you write?