It’s getting trickier.

We women want it all. We want to do everything we do perfectly. It’s not only about being flawless – not making mistakes – we want to excel and reach our goal faster than anyone else and in our own eyes our stride does matter. We want to look like an Arabian stallion as we cross the finish line. If we look like a donkey we think it won’t matter.

I dropped a couple of balls this week. I’m living with myself and I’m doing my absolute best not to get discouraged. The hard part is picking up the balls I dropped while keeping the ones I’m still juggling in the air.

Nobody asked us if we wanted to be here and nobody made any promises about what life would hold for us. That’s up to us to determine.

I picked up a heavy ball this week, I’m keeping it in the air and I’m having fun. The balls I dropped are important – but not as important as the heavier ball and tomorrow, well tomorrow is another day and it’s not too late to pick up those I dropped.

Life is about learning to juggle and the process is at least as important as the form.

Not all weeks are equal. Some will be easier and some will be more difficult.

I don’t know how your week has been. If you’ve had a great week – well I hope that continues into weeks, months and years. And if not, don’t be scared to keep your chin up. You stand more to lose by becoming discouraged. Pick up the balls and keep juggling. The world is waiting to see your act.