If you grew up in a country like the US or Canada it was pretty obvious to you that if you bought something and later had regrets you could return it and your money would be fully refunded.

If you grew up in Israel and you bought something that you wanted to return, the policy was a bit different. If you were lucky you would receive a voucher to spend in the same store – of course the amount could also be less than what you spent – but you nevertheless felt somewhat lucky because at least you got something back. If however you were unlucky, well, tough luck.

A new law took effect today to change the situation in Israel. As of today – December 14, 2010, anybody who buys a product costing at least 50NIS and later decides to return the product for whatever reason can do so, with the original receipt in hand and receive a full refund.

Of course there are some limitations.

1. The product must be in its original sealed packaging.

2. The request for a refund must come within 14 days of the purchase.

3. There are no refunds for food, underclothing, bathing suits or products with no packaging.

4. The law does not apply to tourism services.

After years of consumer abuse of the type mentioned above, there are those proud to say that Israel is the first country to enact such a law. There are also others, who will point out that while that may be true, Israel is most probably the only country to require such a law because it is not obvious to Israeli distributors that this is how you should do business. Either way, the consumer is Israel is finally the winner.

Yes, your money back is guaranteed, it’s the law!